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ZCH SIARKOPOL TARNOBRZEG – Project to modernize the transport of granulated sulfur

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K&W Expert dla Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg - projekt modernizacji transportu siarki granulowanej

ZAKŁADY CHEMICZNE “Siarkopol” TARNOBRZEG sp. z o.o. is a company specializing in the production of high-quality agricultural fertilizers, horticultural fertilizers and packaged sulfur. They also provide services related to the distribution of electricity, natural gas, drinking water and sewage management. Produced fertilizers, such as: Tarnogran, Unifoska, Wap Mag, Superphosphate, Vigor or Magnesium Sulfate, are widely known and used by farmers in Poland and abroad.

Offered solution:

The assumption of the project is to modernize the granular sulfur feed line from the T57A trough belt conveyor to the granulated sulfur buffer tank together with auxiliary equipment and installations in order to increase explosion safety and improve the technological process.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Execution of a new bucket conveyor for vertical transport,
  • Trough belt conveyor for horizontal transport,
  • Modernization of the hopper,
  • Reinforcement of the granulated sulphur buffer tank in accordance with the submitted study
  • Modernization of electrical installation and I&C in terms of new devices,
  • Execution of studies resulting from applicable regulations and the Atex Directive,
  • Elaboration of ORW / OZW.

The concept of the project was developed on the basis of the measurements made and in accordance with the engineering art applicable to the design of granulate transport systems.

The main assumption in the development of the modernization of dust transport was the selection of devices that meet both the requirements of explosion safety and the requirements of the technological process.

The designed system will enable the transport of sulfur granules from the charge from the T57A belt feeder to the buffer tank.

Technical data of the bucket conveyor:

Maximum performance36 [Mg/h]
Linear belt speed2,6 [m/s]
Tape materialantistatic rubber
Belt width280[mm]
Tape thickness11 [mm]
Water capacity of the bucket0,9 [dm3]
Bucket materialAluminum

Technical data of the belt conveyor:

Conveyor capacity58 t/h
Tape materialantistatic rubber
Belt width650 mm
Rollersdouble-disc set 63,5×380
Drive drum diameter200 mm
Modernized buffer tank

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