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Strona główna » PROMAT SP Z O.O. – Visualization of steam boiler room operation

PROMAT SP Z O.O. – Visualization of steam boiler room operation

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K&W Expert odpylanie filtracja chłodzenie SCADA wizualizacja pracy kotłowni parowej


The solution was commissioned by Promat sp. z o.o. for a steam boiler room at the Thai-Union Poland sp. z.o.o plant in Strzebielink. Thai-Union Poland is a producer and distributor of canned fish. It is part of the international thai-Union company from Thailand, which is a producer of seafood-based food products.

Offered solution:

SCADA application based on the Promotic system installed on the user’s computer with the Windows operating system visualizing the operation of the steam boiler room.

The system communicates with 4 controllers from different manufacturers: Siemens, Elta and ABB. Depending on the interface supported by the controller, communication takes place via Profinet or Modbus TCP.

The solution enables monitoring of process data of individual boilers and reading the values measured within the boiler room. During the operation of the application, the occurrence of events and alarms is recorded, thanks to which it is possible to view the history of the boiler room operation.

The application allows remote access within the company’s Ethernet network via the Web. Access requires a user with the appropriate permissions to log on. The SCADA system also allows you to view the values measured in the form of trends. These values are archived, thanks to which it is also possible to analyze the operation of the boiler room in the past.

Technical data:

Communication protocolProfinet, Modbus TCP
Remote connectionUsing a Web page
Operating systemWindows 10

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