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Strona główna » GEBERIT PRODUCTION SP. Z O.O. – Visualization of unloading from two BIG-BAG stations

GEBERIT PRODUCTION SP. Z O.O. – Visualization of unloading from two BIG-BAG stations

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The theme was commissioned by MD Technology at the Geberit Produkcja Sp. z o.o. plant , Włocławek Plant.

The plant in Włocławek is part of the Swiss Geberit concern. The company is one of the largest manufacturers in the sanitary industry (m.in cisterns, washbasins, bidets, toilets).

The SCADA system is part of the dosing process of bulk ingredients.

Offered solution:

As part of the commissioned task, a SCADA application was made, using the PROMOTIC utility software, with visualization of two big-bag stations with screw feeders and one scale.

The application allows you to choose the type of work by the operator: manual or automatic. Automatic work is based on the execution of recipes previously entered by the user. In manual mode, the operator sets the dosing values from the individual big-bags himself.

Information exchange with the Siemens s-1200 controller is carried out using the Profinet protocol. The system creates a production history and allows it to preview and generate reports in pdf format or an Excel worksheet for a given time interval. The data is saved to a relational database using SQL.

The application has the ability to alarm through a pop-up window and allows you to save the history of alarms. The time of occurrence, completion and confirmation by the operator is recorded. Access to the visualization is possible through a local station or remote connection via a Web page. When connecting via a browser, it is required to log in to the account registered in the application.

Technical data:

Communication protocolProfinet
DatabaseMicrosoft Access
ReportsPdf or Excel spreadsheet
Remote connectionUsing a Web page

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