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Strona główna » ZAKŁADY MAGNEZYTOWE "ROPCZYCE" S. A. – System for loading and unloading crypto

ZAKŁADY MAGNEZYTOWE "ROPCZYCE" S. A. – System for loading and unloading crypto

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K&W Expert odpylanie filtracja chłodzenie system do załadunku i rozladunku kryptolu

Zakłady Magnezytowe “Ropczyce” S.A. is a manufacturer of refractory materials for thermal devices adapted to work at high temperatures. These materials are also elements of furnace linings. The products of the above-mentioned company are used in the steel industry, foundry, glass industry and many others.

Offered solution:

The purpose of the investment is to load (extract) the crypto from the coffers and load the recovered crypto with simultaneous dedusting.

Cryptol unloading.

The air, along with the granules and crystall dust, is sucked in by a flexible hose. Then, through a cyclone separator, the granules are separated from the dust fraction, where they are dumped into a steel container or big-bag via a cell dispenser. From the cyclone, air is pumped into the filter unit (bag filter), where the dust is cleaned to a value of <10 mg / m3. Filter bags can operate at temperatures up to 260 °C continuous. After the bag filter, air is ejected back into the hall.

Cryptol loading.

During the loading of cryptol into coffers, using a pipe-chain feeder, the phenomenon of dusting occurs, both during the charge itself and during the defrosting of the cryptol. For this reason, a filter control unit is used in the loading cycle. A three-way flap valve mounted on the suction system, cuts off the cyclone and the sucked dust is transported directly to the filter control panel. Then, through the suction pipeline, the air is sucked directly into the filter unit, where it is cleaned of dust to <3 mg/m3.

Control and visualization of Kryptol loading and unloading installations

In order to power and control the set of devices that make up the crypto transport system, a single power switchboard is made – control. The main fan is powered by a 7.5kW FR-A840 frequency inverter manufactured by Mitsubishi. The remaining shoots are powered in the contactor-switch system. The valve coils are controlled by a voltage of 24 Vdc.

The algorithm controlling the operation of the system has been implemented on the FX5 series PLC controller manufactured by Mitsubishi. The user interface is a touch operator panel installed on the façade of the switchboard. For communication between the controller and the frequency converter and operator panel, the Ethernet communication protocol CC Link IE Field Basic was used. To measure the pressure drop on the filter cartridges of the dust collector and the temperature of gases at the inlet to the dust collector, Aplisens measuring transducers are used, the transmission of measurement signals takes place in the 4-20mA standard.PreviousNext

Main components:

Frequency inverterFR-A840 prod. Mitsubishi
Sterownik PLCFx5 prod. Mitsubishi
Operator panelGT21 prod. Mitsubishi
Differential pressure transmitterPR-28 prod. Aplisens
Temperature transmitterCT-GN prod. Aplisens

Technical data:

Applicationgranules, crypto dust
Filter unit capacity [m3/h]1500
Maximum pressure [Pa ]7000
Number of filter bags [szt.]25
Total filtration area [m2]18
Fan power [kW]5,5
Nominal cyclone flow [m3/h]1500
Feeder capacity [m3/h]4

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