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SIARKOPOL TARNOBRZEG SP. Z O. A. – design, delivery and installation of the dedusting system

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ZAKŁADY CHEMICZNE “Siarkopol” TARNOBRZEG sp. z o.o. are a company specializing in the production of high-quality agricultural fertilizers, horticultural fertilizers and packaged sulfur. They also provide services related to the distribution of electricity, natural gas, drinking water and sewage management. Produced fertilizers, such as: Tarnogran, Unifoska, Wap Mag, Superphosphate, Vigor or Magnesium Sulfate, are widely known and used by farmers in Poland and abroad.

Offered solution:

The role of the designed system is to eliminate excessive dusting with a mixture of dust and condensate with the content of sulfuric, phosphoric and formic acids, in the system of fertilizer production machines.

The system consisted of four component installations:

  • installation of dedusting gases from spills. Gas temperature up to 60°C,
  • installation of dedusting gases from the screen and belt conveyors. Gas temperature up to 60°C,
  • installation of dedusting gases from the granulator. Gas temperature 20÷30°C. High humidity of gases with the possibility of steam (highly corrosive properties),
  • installation of dedusting gases from the radiator. Gas temperature up to 60°.

All components of the system are equipped with separate filters of different capacities. The lashings are equipped with new fans, enabling flexible changes in the size of the air stream as needed, using a frequency converter. Teflon membrane on a polyester matrix selected especially for the filtration of sulfuric acid dusts – regenerated in an automatic, compressed air cycle. The filters are equipped with differential pressure transmitters and temperature sensors. The piping system discharges the purified gases into the existing chimney. The entire piping system is made of plastic – polypropylene.

Control and visualization system

Technological devices operated by the control system:

  • 4 speed-controlled fans, from 55, 30, 18.5 and 3 kW,
  • 2 screw conveyors,
  • 52 pneumatic valves,
  • 14 temperature, pressure and vacuum measuring transmitters,
  • 4 electric heaters.

Description of the control system

Main switchgear

The main power and control switchgear was made in the XVTL system from EATON. It consists of a power supply field, dimensioned together with the rail system on 400A, drive fields in which Mitsubishi’s FR-F800 series frequency inverters have been built – one converter for each fan and a control field. In the control field, the SIEMENS s7-300 PLC controller was built together with the necessary electrical and communication equipment.

Local switchgear

For each technological node, a local switchboard was made, on the façade of which buttons, switches and lamps were built, enabling control of a given node in local mode. Inside the switchboard, I/O islands have been built to collect control signals within a given technological node. Communication between the PLC in the main switchboard and the I/O islands is carried out after the Profinet protocol. The use of a distributed system increased the reliability of the entire system, and also enabled its further expansion.

Promotic SCADA application

The user interface is a SCADA application made in the Promotic system. Communication between the controller and the operator station is carried out after the Profinet protocol. The algorithm implemented in the controller together with the SCADA application enable efficient conduct and full supervision over the parameters of the dedusting process. The system can operate in manual mode, where individual devices are actuated by the operator, or in automatic mode. In addition, the system has extensive diagnostic capabilities, thanks to the use of a parameter logging mechanism, as well as registration of events and alarms.

Technical data:

Efficiency [m2/h]2 00020 00021 00027 000
Working pressure [Pa]2 0004 0002 2004 200
Engine power [kW]233018,555
Number of cartridges [szt.]66066
Total filter area [m2]42420462
Dedusting efficiency [%]99,899,899,8

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