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Strona główna » POMERANIAN HOSPITALS – Control system of the boiler room for wood chips

POMERANIAN HOSPITALS – Control system of the boiler room for wood chips

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K&W Expert dla Szpital Wejherowo - układ sterowania kotłowni na zrębki i SCADA


The company Szpitale Pomorskie associates hospitals in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The scope of the company’s activity also includes the management of the infrastructure of managed facilities in ensuring the supply of necessary utilities, including electricity, heat, utility water and many others.

Offered solution:

The task carried out by our company included the implementation of new software controlling the operation of the boiler room for wood chips and retrofitting the system with a new user interface in the form of an operator panel. The software was implemented on the existing FX3 series PLC from Mitsubishi. It was also necessary to reconfigure the parameters of the existing Danfoss VLT series frequency inverters. The new configuration of the drives together with the appropriately selected regulator settings ensures the correct course of the combustion process.

Modernization turned out to be necessary due to frequent failures of the previously operating system and the unavailability of spare parts. The task required from our employees a very good knowledge of boiler system technology. The whole work was carried out during the heating season. The restart was carried out in record time, so that users were not exposed to long-term heat outages.

Main components:

Sterownik PLCFx3U prod. Mitsubishi
Operator panelGT21 prod. Mitsubishi
Frequency invertersVLT prod. Danfoss

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