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PIT-RADWAR S.A. – Delivery and installation of the cooling water system

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K&W Expert odpylanie filtracja chłodzenie dostawa i montaz wody chlodniczej pit radwar

The Wrocław Branch of PIT-RADWAR S.A. is the only Polish manufacturer of reed switches (miniature, power, switchable and high-voltage).

This company also manufactures: reed relays and sensors, microwave tubes (LFB), semiconductor amplifiers and transceivers, semiconductor amplifiers replacing LFB, microwave receiver input stages, microwave generators and heterodynes, microwave hybrid circuits and many others.

Offered solution:

The cooling water system is designed to make a flexible and automatic cooling water supply system with constant parameters, regardless of the demand of the machines.

In order for the proper operation of the system, a fan cooler of the Alfa series was installed, designed to cool water in an open circuit, in which the air has direct contact with circulating water. The outer surface of the walls is covered with gelcoat, resistant to UV radiation, which gives the surface an aesthetic appearance. In order to control the technological equipment, an inspection hatch with dimensions of 0.2 x 0.3 m is installed.

The designed installation is equipped with a system of three pumps with two levels of efficiency. A single low-capacity pump and two main pumps with high flow parameters. The pump system selected in this way ensures economical operation at any load while maintaining a constant pressure parameter.

Technical data:

ApplicationCooling water
PumpPump No. 1Pump No. 2Pump No. 3
Engine typeIE2IE23-phase
Engine power [kW]7,57,51,5
Feeder capacity [m3/h]6-306-301-6
FilterAutomatically cleaned
Filter connection [DN]80
Max. Temp. water in the filter [̊C]30
Fan coolerALFA 1200
Flow [m3/h]30
Cooling capacity [kW]145

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