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Strona główna » PORCELAIN TABLE WORKS "LUBIANA" – Execution of the control system and visualization of the boiler room

PORCELAIN TABLE WORKS "LUBIANA" – Execution of the control system and visualization of the boiler room

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K&W Expert dla Zaklady Porcelany Stołowej Lubiana - wykonanie ukladu sterowania i wizualizacji kotłowni

The control and visualization system of the gas-oil boiler room with a capacity of 7.2 MW

Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej “Lubiana” S.A. is a modern manufacturer of table porcelain offering products at the highest, world-class level. They have been operating continuously since 1969. The establishments supply such hotels as Accor, Marriott, Radisson Blu and Sheraton. The assortment also includes household porcelain and the so-called. “porcelain haberdashery”.

Offered solution:

An offer is presented for the replacement of the PLC controller and the SCADA system in the gas-oil boiler room of the Table Porcelain Plant in Lubian.

Scope of implementation:

  • verification of the condition of existing elements of the I&C installation of the boiler room,
  • execution of the wiring diagram for the new PLC,
  • delivery of the SIEMENS S7-1500 controller, which will replace the existing GE-Fanuc PLC,
  • delivery of SCADA MAPS HMI 300 and MAPS Siemens Ethernet driver software licenses to version 4,
  • replacement of the controller in the existing RS switchgear – dismantling of the existing and installation of a new PLC, execution of a new connection system,
  • writing an application program controlling the operation of the boiler room for a new PLC,
  • delivery of elements for the construction of gas station monitoring:
    • separator
    • transmission interface,
    • converter
    • pelvis-converter,
  • installation of the measuring system,
  • execution of the SCADA visualization application of the boiler room,
  • reading the values from the gas mains converter and value recorders,
  • starting the boiler room in automatic operation mode,
  • adding the functionality of the reaction of gas burners in the boiler room to the signal of the possibility of exceeding the hourly consumption.

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