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Strona główna » ZAKŁADY GÓRNICZO-HUTNICZE "BOLESŁAW" – modernization of the filter system built on tanks A and B

ZAKŁADY GÓRNICZO-HUTNICZE "BOLESŁAW" – modernization of the filter system built on tanks A and B

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K&W Expert dla Zakłady górniczo-hutnicze Bolesław - modernizacja układu filtra zabudowanego na zbiornikach A i B

Mining and Metallurgical Plant “Bolesław” was established in 1958 after the merger of the “Bolesław” Mining Plant with the “Bolesław” Metallurgical Plant. On 1 March 2004, under the Act on Commercialisation and Privatisation, the state-owned enterprise was transformed into a joint-stock company. From 11 December 2012, after the sale by the State Treasury of shares constituting 86.92% of the share capital of ZGH”Bolesław”S.A., The company belongs to the Stalprodukt S.A. Capital Group.

Currently, ZGH”Bolesław”S.A. is a modern mining and metallurgical complex. In the modernized, in recent years, metallurgical part, the highest purity electrolytic zinc and zinc alloys are produced, including alloys for continuous galvanizing ZZA, Wegal alloy for unit galvanizing and casting alloys. The company is the main supplier of zinc and alloys on the domestic market and a significant supplier to the markets of neighboring countries, i.e. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Installation before modernization:

Offered solution:

The mounted system is designed to replace the existing dedusting system.

The designed and executed silo dedusting installation during loading from tanks is designed to filter the working space in the tanks and maintain the appropriate vacuum in the installation and enable its adjustment in the silo using an inverter.

ApplicationDust from unloading tanks 3000
Efficiency of the Compressor Control [m3/h] Panel [Pa]3500
Fan power [kW]5,5
Number of patron contributions [szt.]6
Total filtration area60
[m2] Filter materialTeflon membrane in polyester matrix

The dedusting system is equipped with a new fan – ZWP 25/0.75/NAP-1/5.5kW controlled by an inverter. Filter control unit located on silo A.

Elimination of dust created during the unloading of concentrate from tankers carried out by extracting dusty air from silos A and B, connected to each other by an existing pipe. Pipe section from the dedusting unit to the fan and ejection system with dimension DN250

Dedusting control panel made of sheet metal with a thickness of 2 mm. Material – carbon structural steel, powder coated.

Installation after modernization:

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