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EPCS Analyzers

DCS Purification Controllers

Welding tables

EPCS analyzer

Electricity is the primary energy medium in almost every production plant. Its cost has a significant impact on the price of the final product, and thus on the competitiveness of the enterprise. With the rising costs of electricity, there is an increasing need to reduce its consumption (if it is physically possible) and the so-called energy optimization. Before investing in the energy system of our plant, the first step should be to measure and implement a system for collecting and analyzing measurement data on the quantity and quality of energy consumed. The electricity monitoring system will give us the answer to the questions where to look for savings or what steps to take to optimize electricity costs.

System construction

All systems implemented by us are designed individually for a given customer, taking into account the characteristics and specificity of the plant in which they are to work. At the design stage, in consultation with the customer, we select points (switchgears, technological nodes or individual machines) in which electricity analyzers will be installed. Analyzers measure the amount of energy consumed and a number of other parameters. among others:

  • Currents
  • Voltage
  • cos (φ),
  • Harmonic.

All measurement data is collected to the operator station (PC class computer) using an industrial communication protocol, e.g. Modbus. The operator station is a computer with an application installed in the SCADA Promotic environment. (user interface and measurement data analysis tool)

System functionality

  • Archiving measurement data on the hard disk of the computer.
  • Preview of current data on graphic panels reflecting real technological systems.
  • Possibility to control the ordered power (control in 15-minute periods).
  • Registration of exceedances and alarms.
  • Send SMS or email notifications.
  • View present and archived data in charts.
  • Ability to export data to Excel.
  • Possibility to prepare reports.
  • Remote access to the application via a web browser.

Our system can be expanded to a virtually unlimited number of measuring points (we are limited only by network bandwidth and disk capacity). In addition, it can also be used to monitor other media: heat, water, gas, compressed air, etc., as well as production quality, machine condition and many other measureable quantities.

Free loan for tests

We offer our customers the possibility of free rental of a compact measuring set (analyzer + transformers + SCADA Promotic application), enabling metering of a single point in order to familiarize themselves with the operation of our solution before the final implementation in the plant.

EPCS analyzersdownload catalogue

DCS – purification controlers

The DCS controller is designed to support purification processes carried out by filter control panels.

The device has been equipped with many flexibly parameterized components such as: the ability to connect a large number of process measurements, operation of accompanying devices (fan, cell, screw feeder), various methods of regeneration of filter cartridges, alarm registration, connection to an external control system, generating reports, remote access via GPRS or LAN, remote graphical preview of system visualization.

It is produced in several versions, depending on the needs of the filter control panels, the technology present in the plant and the advancement of the control systems of the production process. The versioning of the product and the method of ordering are shown at the bottom of the brochure.

System functionality

  • Measurement of the differential pressure between the clean and dirty parts of the control panel / the ability to control the purification of cartridges from differential pressure.
  • Possibility of cleaning filter cartridges in a time regime.
  • Temperature measurement of the purified medium.
  • Measurement of the flow of the purified medium.
  • Control: fan, cell or screw feeder.
  • Control of up to 21 blast valves in the catalogue version (on request without restrictions).
  • Control of the inverter operation.
  • Work in automatic or manual mode.
  • Parameterization of the time of the length of working time and breaks of individual actuators.
  • The ability to remotely start and transfer the operating parameters of the device to the external system.
  • Generating reports (html or csv).
  • Remote access GPRS, LAN (via web browser).


The product is available in three versions:

  • For self-assembly – a controller and a 4″ operator panel (color, touch) are supplied.
  • In the housing – mounted controller and 4″ panel, solid-state relays for operating blast valves. The entire wired system with terminal block leads. A system prepared for the introduction and connection of wires. The system does not include executive apparatus such as contactors, motor protection.
  • In the housing – with a minicomputer with a display – the system contains a visualization of the process in the SCADA system displayed on a 7″ display. The system allows display and control (appropriate access level) through web browsers of computers and smartphones connected to the LAN together with the control system.

Technical data

Power supplyOptional: 24V DC, 230V AC
Communication protocolCC-Link, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCPIP, Ethernet
Remote connectionUsing a Web page
HMIDepending on the version: 4″ or 7″
Sterownik PLCDSC

DSC purification controllersdownload catalogue

Welding tables

Practical welding table from K&W Expert Sp. z o.o. necessary in a workshop, workshop or production plant:

  • table made of structural steel S235,
  • table top plate thickness: 8 mm,
  • Max. dimensions: 2000 x 1000 mm.

We also make welding tables with non-standard dimensions, at the customer’s request, but not larger than 1000 x 2000 mm.


  • working pocket for materials and tools,
  • mounting clamps.

Extra charge:

  • transport trolley for welding machine, gas cylinder, tools,
  • power strip with extension cord.

System functionality

  • Adjustable table height.
  • Metal rigid frame.
  • Legs equipped with fixed supports, running wheels or wheels with retractable support.
  • Engraved scale in a grid of 100 x 100 mm.
  • Mounting holes in the form of beans (optional diameter of mounting holes Φ1 – system 28).

Cost estimate table

PSS-W-120-0Welding trolley + table size 1000/2000 mm, no strip5,470.00 PLN1,243.00 EUR
PSS-W-115-0Welding trolley + table size 1000/1500 mm, no strip4,660.00 PLN1,059.00 EUR
PSS-W-110-0Welding trolley + table size 1000/1000 mm, no strip3,870.00 PLNEUR 879.00
PSS-B-120-0Without trolley + table size 1000/2000 mm, no strip4,650.00 PLN1,056.00 EUR
PSS-B-115-0Without trolley + table size 1000/1500 mm, no strip3,840.00 PLNEUR 872.00
PSS-B-110-0Without trolley + table size 1000/1000 mm, no strip3,050.00 PLNEUR 693.00
PSS-W-120-1Welding trolley + table size 1000/2000 mm + power strip5,520.00 PLN1,255.00 EUR
PSS-W-115-1Welding trolley + table size 1000/1500 mm + power strip4,710.00 PLN1,071.00 EUR
PSS-W-110-1Welding trolley + table size 1000/1000 mm + power strip3,920.00 PLNEUR 891.00
PSS-B-120-1Without trolley + table size 1000/2000 mm + power strip4,700.00 PLN1,068.00 EUR
PSS-B-115-1Without trolley + table size 1000/1500 mm + power strip3,890.00 PLNEUR 884.00
PSS-B-110-1Without trolley + table size 1000/1000 mm + power strip3,100.00 PLNEUR 705.00

Welding tablesdownload catalogue

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