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Strona główna » MOSTOSTAL SIEDLCE – Dust removal installation of the pinger wire crushing line

MOSTOSTAL SIEDLCE – Dust removal installation of the pinger wire crushing line

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K&W Expert dla Mostostal siedlce instalacja odpylająca linii nagniatania drutu pinger

Mostostal Siedlce is one of the Leading European manufacturers of steel structures. It specializes in the production of steel structures and gratings as well as in anti-corrosion protection of steel structures, especially the fire method. The company is also very active in the area of selling pallets for the transport and storage of gas cylinders, pallets for building materials, various types of containers, racks, frames and other small structures.

Offered solution:

The purpose of the designed installation is to eliminate dust created during the technological process of implementation through a dedusting unit made entirely of black steel painted with an exhaust fan located at the level “0” at the dust collector. The suction system from the stands will be made of galvanized smooth pipes with a thickness of 0.75 mm. Connection terminals for machines with a length of 200-300 mm made of flexible hoses to eliminate stress and vibration.

Extracted dust via a piping system is transported to the filter unit, where particulate matter is separated from the air. In the head offices

the process of cleaning filter cartridges takes place automatically, without the need to stop work, while the filtered dust is into an airtight container under the filter control panel. The filter control panel will be located at a level of 0 m. The purified air will be thrown inside the hall. In order to ensure a low noise level of 75 dB(A), a silencer will be installed on the ejection system.

Technical data of the dedusting installation

General description of the filter unit:

  • a device dedicated to the requirements of the application,
  • new and complete device, ready for foundation,
  • design adapted to work on vacuum,
  • patron filter cartridges,
  • filter material – polyester coated with PTFE coating, antistatic,
  • filter designed for continuous operation,
  • purification system fully automated time controlled.

Technical data of the filter control panel:

nominal capacity 4800 m3/h

filter housing black powder coated steel

total filtration area 96 m2

filtration area of one cartridge 8 m2

Fan specifications:

electric motor power 15 kW

capacity 4800 m3/h at a compression of 4500 Pa

rotations 2910 rpm


  • smooth pipe installation made of galvanized steel pipes, wall thickness 0.75 to 0.9 mm,
  • main connection to the dedusting unit: ø300 mm, other diameters according to the design,
  • the following machines will be connected to the piping system and new or modernized bodies will be made.

Electrical installation and I&C:

  • complete power and control switchgear,
  • installation of the switchgear in an agreed place,
  • laying cable routes and electrical installation between the switchboard and the executive device,
  • execution of a complete electrical installation in accordance with the agreed documentation,
  • filter control, i.e. purification system, pollutant discharge system,
  • fan control.

Compressed air installation:

  • working pressure max. 6 bar,
  • 1/2″ connection,
  • compressed air tank filter, with filter-reducer,
  • power and distribution cables to the filter device.

Scope of implementation:

  • preparation, consultation and presentation for acceptance of design, technological, mechanical and electro-automatic documentation,
  • comprehensive construction of the installation with all devices,
  • comprehensive construction of the power supply and control system,
  • starting and adjusting the system,
  • providing certificates and system maintenance documentation.

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