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HUTCHINSON GROUP – Modernization of the extraction and separation system of oil from vapors

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K&W Expert dla Grupy HUTCHINSON - modernizacja układu odciągu i separacji oleju z oparów

The Hutchinson Group is a global leader in the production of elastomers in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and consumer goods industries. The company’s leading products: body and precision seal systems, anti-vibration components and fluid transmission and power transmission systems.

Offered solution:

The task of the modernized system is the correct separation of oil from the vapors created in the production process.

The modernization of the previous system consisted in making a new installation of oil separation cartridges, mounted directly to the extraction system (from the rear). Cuboid-shaped housing with open inlet (place of installation to the existing housing), on the opposite side a reduction cone for connecting the piping system. Vertical location of the cartridges, causing the oil to drip by gravity into the container (tank). Replacement of cartridges is carried out from the side.

Number of cartridges for each body of 2 pieces, in the configuration:

  • the first so-called coarse insert made as a frame of calculated thickness with internal filling with machining chips. This cartridge allows for dust filtration and pre-separation of oil,
  • the second stage of filtration was selected on the basis of the tests performed. A grease filter made of coils of metal mesh and a much more accurate G2 class cartridge were chosen.


Technical data:

Nominal capacity [m3/h]500
Filter surface [m2]2 x 0.36
Engine power [kW]1,1
filter housingSteel 304
Compression [Pa]2000
Filter materialsteel chip 304,stainless steel mesh 304

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