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Strona główna » FERROSTAL – Modernization of the quenching water pumping station

FERROSTAL – Modernization of the quenching water pumping station

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K&W Expert odpylanie filtracja chłodzenie modernizacja pompowni wody hartowniczej


Ferrostal , part of the Cognor Group, manufactures a wide range of steel products. In Poland, the company has several production plants, each of which specializes in the production of a different type of assortment. Its branch located in Krakow produces, among others, angles and T-bars as well as ribbed and smooth rods.

Offered solution:

The main task of the modernization carried out by our company was to retrofit the pump system with frequency converters and implement an algorithm for automatic adjustment of hydraulic parameters responsible for ensuring the appropriate quality of the final product.

Frequency inverters, PLC s7-300 controller together with the necessary electrical equipment were built in a multi-field switchboard located in the engine room. A remote I/O island of the ET 200 series by Siemens and a KTP series operator panel also by Siemens have been installed in the pumping room. Communication between all elements of the distributed control system is carried out after the Profinet protocol.

The upgrade also included the addition of a new control system to the existing SCADA system. The expansion of the existing InTouch application ensured the integration of the pumping station control system with the overarching control system of the rolling mill.

Scope of implementation:

  • Project
  • Installation supervision
  • Software execution for PLC and operator panel
  • Expansion of the existing Scada In Touch app
  • Implementation of a cascade pump control algorithm
  • Run

Technical data:

Installed power185 kW
Supply voltage400 volts
Network layoutTN-C-S
Communication protocolProfinet

Main components:

Sterownik PLCS7-300 prod. Siemens
Island I/OET 200 prod. Siemens
Operator panelKTP prod. Siemens
Pressure transmittersPR-28 prod. Aplisens
Temperature transmitterCT-GN prod. Aplisens

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