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Strona główna » NOVARIS S.A. – Modernization of dedusting installations from the drug production process

NOVARIS S.A. – Modernization of dedusting installations from the drug production process

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K&W Expert modernizacja instalacji odpylania z procesu produkcji lekarstw dla Novaris S.A.

Company Novaris S.A.– the client for whom we have made a dedusting system deals with the production of medicines and products for the pharmaceutical industry. The company has a wide range of innovative programs to increase access to medicines created as part of the partnership min. with the World Health Organization (WHO). Production in Stryków is 5.7 billion tablets per year. The company operates in such areas as: cardiology, oncology, respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, immunology and dermatological diseases and many others.

Offered solution:

The purpose of the modernization of the system is to increase the efficiency of dedusting dust generated during the production of tablets.

The filter unit was made for the ATEX Ex II 2D zone, equipped with decompression panels. The structure of the control panel is reinforced by using sheet metal for walls with a thickness of 3.6 mm to 4.6 mm. The filtration device has an ANTIDENT Flap protection system for explosion isolation, type ExFP-1, manufactured by VST.

All elements of the piping system are made of stainless steel and have Ex II 3D certification for work in the ATEX zone. Each of the elements is connected by a “bridge” in order to maintain the continuity of the connection (equipotentialization) and the discharge of electrostatic charges, through the company’s grounding installation.

Technical data:

Applicationpharmaceutical dust
Efficiency [m3/h]20000
Maximum pressure [Pa ]7000
Number of filter cartridges [szt.]20
Fan power [kW]55
Additional filtration rateHEPA H13
Maximum explosion pressure Pmax. [bar]9
Explosion indicator KST [bar-m/s]299
Reduced Pressure Pred [bar]0,45

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