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K&W Expert odpylanie automatyka przemysłowa dla KSC Cukrownia Malbork

Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. It is the largest sugar producer in Poland and one of the largest sugar producers in Europe. The main subject of activity is the production and sale of sugar, trade in products created during its production and fruit and vegetable processing. The company conducts comprehensive management of archives of external companies in the field of storage, archiving and missing documents and other service activities.

Offered solution:

The aim of the modernization of the existing dedusting installation is to eliminate dust escaping from the currently operating cyclone.

Therefore, the currently working cyclone is planned to be dismantled, and in its place a filter control panel based on the patron cartridges produced by K&W Expert will be installed.

Due to the limited space for installing the filter control panel, we offer the use of a control panel based on patron cartridges:

  • the area of the base of the dedusting unit, in the patron version, will be about 30% smaller, and its height will be about 40% lower, in relation to the bag filter,
  • the costs of purchasing cartridges are much lower than in the case of bags,
  • the costs of replacing cartridges (in terms of RBG) will be lower by 50%,
  • due to the length of the cartridge and their number per 1 blast valve, the efficiency of the cartridge cleaning system is several times higher than in the case of bags.
  • dust emission after filtration on patrons ranges from 1÷3 mg / m3 (depending on the amount of the smallest dust fractions)
  • number of patron contributions approx. 10 times smaller than filter bags,

Technical description of the components of the new dedusting system

Filter control panel:

  • a device dedicated to the requirements of the application,
  • new and complete device, ready for foundation,
  • modular construction of the filter control panel, allowing the construction of the device directly on the target site,
  • consultation adapted to work on vacuum,
  • patron filter cartridges,
  • filter material – PTFE membrane with antistatic coating,
  • filter designed for continuous operation,
  • time-controlled purification system,
  • control panel made by ATEX.

Technical data of the filter unit in the ATEX version:

nominal capacity: 21000m3/h at a vacuum of 2600 Pa,

dimensions of the device: 2500 x 2500 x 4000 mm,

filter unit material: AISI 304.

Filter cartridges:

  • cartridges mounted from the dirty side in the 3-lug system,
  • filtration area of one cartridge – 20m2,
  • quantity – 16 pcs.,
  • insert diameter – ø325 mm,
  • insert height – 1500 mm.

Dosing valve – cell dispenser:

  • made in ATEX version,
  • explosion shut-off system,
  • construction resistant to heavy loads.

Explosion protection

The existing cyclone separator is not prepared to work in the ATEX zone to our knowledge. Therefore, the device offered by us will be equipped with the following explosion protection:

  • filter cartridges made of antistatic material,
  • equipotentialization of the entire installation confirmed by the study of the continuity of connections,
  • explosion relief membrane,
  • return flap at the entrance to the dedusting system, mounted on the main suction manifold,
  • Min. 4 meter pipe section in front of the inlet to the filter control panel made of sheet metal,
  • cell dispenser designed to work in the ATEX zone,
  • documentation for certification.

Electrical installation and I&C

It is assumed to make a control system for the filter cartridge cleaning system. The offer includes the following works and deliveries:

  • complete power and control switchgear,
  • installation of the switchgear in an agreed place.

The control system of the filtration system – control cabinet, will perform full operation of the system in automatic mode, whose task will be:

  • control of the filter, i.e. the purification system,
  • control of Δ P (level of contamination of filter cartridges),
  • control of the cell dispenser,
  • collecting signals from decompression diaphragm sensors and return flap.

In the field of electrical installation and I&C, the offer includes:

  • preparation of project documentation,
  • delivery and installation of power and control switchgear,
  • execution of a complete electrical installation,
  • performing receiving measurements.

Scope of implementation:

  • preparation, consultation and presentation of technological, mechanical and electro-automatic design documentation,
  • comprehensive construction of the device,
  • comprehensive construction of the power supply and control system,
  • starting and adjusting the system,
  • providing certificates and system maintenance documentation.

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