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Strona główna » MOSTOSTAL KIELCE – Welding gas dedusting installation

MOSTOSTAL KIELCE – Welding gas dedusting installation

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K&W Expert odpylanie filtracja chłodzenie Instalacja gazow spawalniczych mostostal

Mostostal Kielce is part of the Mostostal Warszawa Capital Group. The company carries out extensive design and construction activities in all market segments, from residential construction to specialized structures for heavy industry.

Offered solution:

A blowing installation was made in the middle of the hall under the ceiling, with the blow directed directly downwards. Clean air blows the welders’ workstations, and at the same time “bouncing” off the floor directs to the sides to the exhaust system, which was placed at a height of about 2500 mm from the floor (in order to catch falling dust and rising smoke). An important thing is also the way of conducting the installation at the wall of the hall, which is different from the one designed earlier.

Sections of pipes were routed in a straight line. Due to the dust extraction, the exhaust system is made of smooth pipes with a sheet thickness of 1 mm, connected by means of clamps.

Blowing and extractor made with gratings with adjustment of the amount and direction of air flow.

Two filter units on the opposite side of the hall were used to filter the welding dust.

Technical data:

ApplicationWelding fumes and dust from grinding steel structures
Efficiency [m3/h]35000
Maximum pressure [Pa]4000
Flow rate in the plant [m/s]20
Fan power [kW]46
Piping gr. [mm]1
Temp. Work [̊C]-5 ÷ +40

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