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Strona główna » KINGSPAN – Dust extraction installation dust extracts from polyurethane adhesive application machine

KINGSPAN – Dust extraction installation dust extracts from polyurethane adhesive application machine

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K&W Expert dla KINGSPAN - instalacja odpylania odciąg pyłu z maszyny do nakładania kleju poliuretanowego


Kingspan Group is a company located in 120 countries. Currently, it is a world leader in energy-efficient construction. It appeared in Poland in 1998, offering sandwich panels. Kingspan Group solutions are used by millions of people around the world. The group consists of several companies: Kingspan Sandwich Panels, Kingspan Insulation, Kingspan Environmental, Kingspan Access Floors, Tate.

Offered solution:

The purpose of the control system is to enable the operation and control of the polyurethane dust extraction process, as well as to provide current values of measured process sizes and signaling the operating status of individual devices.

The power and control switchgear of the dedusting system is powered by 400V. The power cord was inserted into the switchgear through the main disconnector with a rated current of 32A. Setting the manual knob of the main disconnector causes a complete removal of the voltage from all devices placed and powered from the power and control switchgear.

The control system is based on a PLC connected to a frequency converter. The signal from the flow measurement transducer was entered into the controller in the 4-20mA current signal standard. In addition, the controller uses a digital Ethernet communication protocol – to communicate with the operator panel.

The operator panel on the façade of the switchboard is the interface between the operator and the process. Through the panel, the operator has the ability to: enter set values, read measured values, turn on and off the operation of the device.

The panel has a choice of languages: Polish, English and Hungarian. In addition, to speed up the service process, the system has been equipped with a remote connection through a virtual private network – VPN, ensuring the security of transmitted data packets.

Technical data:

Installed power of the switchboard8 kW
Sterownik PLCSiemens 1212C used Tractor
Operator panelSiemens KTP400 Basic
Frequency inverterSinamics V20
Communication protocolProfinet

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