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Strona główna » ORLEN WŁOCŁAWEK – Installation of a central vacuum cleaner and aspirations

ORLEN WŁOCŁAWEK – Installation of a central vacuum cleaner and aspirations

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K&W Expert dla Orlen Włocławek - instalacja centralnego odkurzacza i aspiracji

THE PTA Manufacturing Plant of ORLEN Włocławek is one of the largest and most modern oil industry corporations in Central and Eastern Europe. It has the largest network of petrol stations in Central Europe located in many countries of the region. The client also manages many refineries involved in the processing of crude oil into fuels, heating oils and plastics. In the future, the client intends to use its oil and gas exploration licenses in the Polish to explore and exploit resources to expand its activities in the energy sector.

Offered solution:

The role of the designed system is to eliminate excessive dusting with dust of terephthalic acid C6H4(COOH)2 in the packaging machine system. The system is made in the Ex II 2D explosion hazard zone (zone 21).

The system consisted of two independent installations:

  • central vacuum cleaner, for the entire warehouse facility and BIG BAG filling stations,
  • aspiration of the vibrator tape of the BIG BAG vagopackaging machine.

Both parts of the system are equipped with separate filters designed on the basis of pulsed filter filter Type BM-CSO1818E –LEFT-V/D2 and Type BM-CSO1818E -RIGHT-V/D2 with a filter area of 11.5 m2. The filtration membrane has been specially selected for the filtration of terephthalic acid dusts and is regenerated in an automatic, compressed air cycle. The filters are equipped with decompression collectors with a diaphragm and safety and flow sensors.

The piping installation of the central vacuum cleaner network consists of a system of two collectors and pipes, with a total length of 140 m, with connection sockets for connecting flexible pipes with various types of replaceable suction cups. The whole piping is made of acid-resistant steel. PreviousNext

Technical data:

Working vacuum Pa450050000
Motor power kW1115
Engine speed 1/min29302925
Capacity m3/min6010,1
Supply voltage400 volts
Electricity demand21 kW
Dedusting efficiency in %99,8
Dust emission g/h25,272
Controller supply voltage24 VDC

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