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Strona główna » GRUPA AZOTY KOPALNIE I ZAKŁADY CHEMICZNE SIARKI "SIARKOPOL" S.A. – Selection, manufacture and installation of a bag filter.

GRUPA AZOTY KOPALNIE I ZAKŁADY CHEMICZNE SIARKI "SIARKOPOL" S.A. – Selection, manufacture and installation of a bag filter.

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K&W Expert dla Grupa azoty kopalnie i zaklady chemiczne siarki siarkopol - dobór wykonanie i montaż filtra workowego

Grupa Azoty Kopalnie Chemiczne Siarki “Siarkopol” S.A. started its operations in 1966. The company is currently one of two companies in the country and in the world conducting sulfur mining. Environmental protection is of particular importance for Siarkopol. The company uses an innovative method of sulfur extraction, consisting in underground smelting of this raw material. This technology minimally interferes with the natural environment because the company uses a closed, hermetic water cycle. In addition, the mine uses a modern system of capturing gases coming out of the holes during the outflow of sulfur into the tanks located in the mining field. Above each tank there is a special installation, thanks to which purified air enters the atmosphere.

Offered solution:

The project is based on the modernization of the existing installation, so as to improve the process of cleaning filter bags, extending the period between services to min. 12 months, extending the service life of filter bags to min. 2 years. Filter control unit selected according to the efficiency of the existing blower.

Technical description of the component equipment of the installation


  • a device dedicated to the requirements of the application,
  • bag-based filtration,
  • filter designed for continuous operation, with automatic bag cleaning system.

Nominal capacity: 800m3/h

Dimensions of the device: diameter 1450, height 2400 mm,

Filter unit material: 304 stainless steel

Resistance to overpressure: min. 500 mbar

Filter bag dimensions: ⌀ 125 mm, height 1830 mm,

Filter material: PTFE antistatic membrane

F iltr HEPA, II stage of filtration

To protect the clean side of the installation, especially the side channel blower, we propose the use of the second stage of filtration. This filter will also act as a so-called “police” filter, i.e. if one of the first stage filtration bags is interrupted, the HEPA filter will protect it against the ingress of dust on the blower. The increase in resistance will be signaled by the control system.

The offer includes:

  • execution of the filter housing,
  • delivery of HEPA filter cartridge
  • installation of the filter on the installation,
  • metering of the filter with pressure transmitters and connection to the I&C system.

Electrical installation and I&C

It is assumed to make a control system for the filter bag cleaning system and to measure the first and second degree of filtration.

The offer in the field of I&C includes:

  • delivery of a complete power and control switchgear,
  • installation of the switchgear in an agreed place,
  • execution of all modernization works required to start a new filter control panel.

The control system of the filtration system – control cabinet, will perform full operation of the system in automatic mode, whose task will be:

  • filter control, i.e. the purification system,
  • monitoring the status of filter bags and HEPA filter based on signals from pressure transmitters,
  • communication with the external system.

Scope of implementation:

  • preparation, consultation and presentation for acceptance of technological, mechanical and electro-automatic design documentation,
  • comprehensive construction of the device,
  • comprehensive construction of the power supply and control system,
  • dismantling of existing equipment,
  • installation of a new filtrocyclone and modernization of existing steel structures and piping systems to the required extent,
  • starting and adjusting the system,
  • training of the operator,
  • providing certificates and system maintenance documentation.

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