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Strona główna » ELMAL – local systems for recording the flow of chemical gases

ELMAL – local systems for recording the flow of chemical gases

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K&W Expert dla CEMEX - modernizacja sterowania przemiałownią cementu i wizualizacja SCADA

Elmal specializes in the construction of underground infrastructure such as: gas pipeline, water and sewage, heating and technological networks. For over 25 years, it has been carrying out orders for investors from the road, gas, water and sewage industries and many others.

Offered solution:

The task carried out by our company “execution of local systems for recording the flow of technical gases (including oxygen, argon, compressed air, Nitrogen)” was part of the newly built gas pipeline systems, built at the request of an investor from the shipbuilding industry. Flow registration arrangements form the basis for settlements between the investor and its counterparties.

Calorimetric flow meters provided by Introl are installed on each section node. Between the flow meters and the controlgear (each node was equipped with a control switchgear) wires were laid, through which signals from the flow meters were brought to the recorder built in the switchboard. The logger calculates and collects data on the quantities of individual gases consumed. Data from DVRs (files in csv format) are ripped for USB-flash drives.

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