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Strona główna » CEMEX – Sulphate Filter Control

CEMEX – Sulphate Filter Control

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K&W Expert dla CEMEX - sterowanie filtra siarczanu


Cemex is one of the world leaders in the production and sale of cement, aggregates and concrete products. In Poland, the company has several production plants and a network of concrete batching plants.

Offered solution:

The task carried out by us included the design and implementation of the control system for the exhaust fan, the regeneration system of filter cartridges and the devices for transporting filtered dust. The system has been designed in such a way that it is resistant to the influence of difficult environmental conditions (including moisture, high dustiness) and that its individual elements can be installed using industrial mountaineering techniques – the use of which turned out to be necessary due to the location of individual devices.

The exhaust fan is powered by a frequency inverter of the FR-A840 series manufactured by Mitsubishi. New cable routes were laid on the silo structure. Signals from measuring, executive and local control devices were introduced into the local controller of the Fx5 series produced by Mitsubishi built in a switchboard mounted on the silo service platform.

The control algorithm has been implemented on the parent controller of the Q prod series. Mitsubishi. Communication between the local and the master controller is carried out after the CC Link IE Field protocol using Twisted Pair Ethernet as a transmission medium. As part of the task, the existing SCADA application was also expanded.

Scope of implementation:

  • Project
  • Prefabrication of switchgear
  • Execution of cable routes
  • Laying and connecting wires
  • Execution of software for plc controller
  • Expansion of an existing SCADA application
  • Run

Technical data:

Installed power7 kW
Supply voltage400 volts
Network layoutTN-C-S
Communication protocolCC Link IE Field

Main components:

Frequency inverterFR-A840 prod. Mitsubishi
Sterownik PLCFx5 prod. Mitsubishi
Sterownik PLCQ prod. Mitsubishi

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