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Strona główna » WROŃSKI – Control and visualization of the concrete batching plant

WROŃSKI – Control and visualization of the concrete batching plant

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K&W Expert dla Wroński - sterowanie i wizualizacja SCADA węzła betoniarskiego


In addition to the implementation of construction works, the Wroński company also deals with the production and sale of building materials, including precast concrete, ceiling slabs and many others. The company has two concrete batching plants, thanks to which it provides supplies of concrete mixtures for the needs of its own production and for external customers.

Offered solution:

For Wroński we have made new software to control the Basalt 1000 concrete batching plant and equipped the node with a new Scada system made in the Promotic environment. The algorithm controlling the operation of the node was implemented on the existing FX3 series PLC controller manufactured by Mitsubishi. The controller communicates with 7 Rinstrum weighing transducers. Communication is carried out after a serial protocol based on RS-485 full duplex. The control algorithm makes it possible to automatically perform the sequence of weighing and mixing the components of the concrete mix in the proportions and quantities stored in the recipes. Recipes are stored in a database to which the operator has access (the ability to add new records or delete existing ones) through the Scada Promotic application. Communication between the Scada application controller is carried out via the Melsec protocol.

The Scada application created in the Promotic environment implements the following functionalities:

  • Current view of the status of individual devices and measured values
  • Ability to view historical data archived on your computer’s hard drive
  • Archiving events and alarms
  • Creating reports on production and consumption of raw materials
  • Automatic creation of a GIN document

Scope of implementation:

  • Verification of existing documentation
  • Communication with existing load cells
  • Execution of software for plc controller
  • Delivery of licenses of the Promotic Scada system
  • Execution of the Scada application in the Promotic environment
  • Run

Main components:

Operator stationDELL Computer
Sterownik PLCFx3U prod. Mitsubishi
Promotic LicenseRt 500 prod. Microsys

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