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SIARKOPOL TARNOBRZEG SP Z O.O. – Control and visualization of dedusting installation

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K&W Expert dla Siarkopol - sterowanie i wizualizaja instalacji odpylania SCADA


ZAKŁADY CHEMICZNE “Siarkopol” TARNOBRZEG sp. z o.o. are a company specializing in the production of high-quality agricultural fertilizers, horticultural fertilizers and packaged sulfur. They also provide services related to the distribution of electricity, natural gas, drinking water and sewage management. Produced fertilizers, such as: Tarnogran, Unifoska, Wap Mag, Superphosphate, Vigor or Magnesium Sulfate, are widely known and used by farmers in Poland and abroad.

Offered solution:

The control system supports 4 devices that dedust individual technological nodes of the fertilizer granulation line. Each device has a fan powered by a frequency converter (fan motor powers: 55kW, 30kW, 18.5kW, 3kW), a set of pneumatic valves for regeneration of filter cartridges and a set of measuring transducers (2x vacuum, 1x temperature) in addition, some devices are equipped with cell or screw feeders.

The algorithm controlling all devices has been implemented on the s7-300 prod controller. Siemens. Mitsubishi’s FR-A800 series frequency inverters are used to adjust the speed of the fans. Frequency inverters and PLC controller together with the necessary electrical equipment were built in one multi-field switchboard installed directly at the control room.

For each of the devices, a local switchboard was made on the façade of which buttons and synoptic lamps were placed to control the device in manual mode. Inside each of the local switchgears there are remote I/O islands manufactured by Balluf. Through remote I/O islands, signals from a given device are transmitted to the s7-300 controller. The Profinet protocol is used for transmission. Local switchgears have been adapted to work in a corrosive environment resulting from the nature of production.

In the control room there is an operator station on which the SCADA application created in the Promotic environment was made. The SCADA application allows you to view the current status of individual devices and measured values, as well as full control of all devices. In addition, the operator has the ability to view historical data (logged on the hard disk of the computer) in the form of trends or in tables. The SCADA application also implements, among others, logging alarms and events and setting parameters according to recipes.

Scope of implementation:

  • Project
  • Prefabrication of switchgear
  • Execution of cable routes
  • Laying and connecting wires
  • Prefabrication of local switchgear
  • Execution of software for plc controller
  • Execution of the Promotic SCADA application
  • Run

Technical data:

Installed power120 kW
Supply voltage400 volts
Network layoutTN-C-S
Communication protocolProfinet

Main components:

Frequency inverterFR-A840 prod. Mitsubishi
Sterownik PLCS7-300 prod. Siemens
Local Islands I/OBNI series prod. Balluf
SCADA SoftwarePromotic
Vacuum transmittersPC-28 prod. Aplisens
Temperature transmitterCT-GN prod. Aplisens

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