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Strona główna » CIECH SODA POLSKA S.A. – Designing the dedusting system on furnaces

CIECH SODA POLSKA S.A. – Designing the dedusting system on furnaces

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K&W Expert dla Ciech Soda Polska - zaprojektowanie ukladu odpylania na piecach

CIECH Soda Polska S.A. is currently the only producer of heavy and light soda ash in Poland and the second in Europe. It also produces wet and dry evaporated salt. On the family market, the company is the largest manufacturer of this assortment and the owner of a well-known consumer brand: Sól Kujawska. The company’s portfolio also includes other chemical products – baking soda, calcium chloride, hopkalite, salt mixtures, peclosol and salt tablets.

Offered solution:

The purpose of the task is to prepare design documentation that gives a guarantee of effective dedusting of the indicated area together with the devices listed below.

The dedusting installation should be connected to the following devices:

  • belt conveyors,
  • overflows from belt conveyors to plate conveyors and belt conveyor 32m,
  • belt conveyor 32 and plate conveyors with overflows and vertical bucket conveyor (whole),
  • bucket conveyors No. 1 and 2 and overflows from reserve tanks,
  • pour from vertical bucket to belt conveyor 8m,
  • Belt conveyor 8 m with hopper for tanks.

The dedusting installation should be located in the limestone firing node. The dedusting installation is to receive the dusty fraction of limestone dust from the equipment in a way that guarantees effective dedusting, which will ensure that the permissible dust standards are not exceeded in the area of the limestone firing node. In order not to exceed dust, the system should guarantee stability of work consisting in ensuring proper cleaning of the system in an automatic way. The project should contain guidelines for full visualization of the lime transport system along with metering of devices. Remote and local control.

Technical description of the components of the new dedusting system

Furnace node dedusting installation

We propose the selection and installation of new exhaust fans selected with parameters in such a way that they are able, overcoming all resistances, to maintain the required flow rate in the installation and achieve a vacuum of min. 500 Pa. For such selected main parameters of the dedusting installation, we propose the selection and installation of new high-efficiency filter units located in exactly the same places as the existing horizontal bag filters. New filter units should be characterized primarily by twice the filtration surface, and thus half the load on the filter surface. Made according to our proprietary solution, in a panel system, i.e. mounted from plates directly on the destination. This allows for manual transport of individual filter elements, which is very beneficial in the case of existing, densely built technological installations.

Installation of dedusting of plate conveyors, belt 32 and bucket vertical

For dedusting the above conveyors, we offer the use of spot dedusting, according to our proprietary solution, i.e. installation of the dedusting unit directly on the conveyors above the hopper places. The main task of the control panel is to create a vacuum inside the conveyor / body by extracting air and purifying it on the cartridges. Dust is discharged directly onto the conveyor, which limits any loss of dedusted material. A characteristic element of the control panel is primarily the lack of piping, i.e. elements that resist, clog.

Dedusting installation of horizontal bucket conveyors and charges for them

For dedusting bucket conveyors and charges as well as other places where it is not technically possible to install the control panel directly on the transport device, and the connection to the main filter control panels will result in long piping installations, so we suggest the use of spot dedusting using short extraction and chute channels.

Scope of implementation of the ACP and IT industry:

  • Execution of executive and as-built design for both industries. The executive design should be submitted to the Ordering Party for opinion before implementation.
  • The detailed design for the electrical industry and I&C for the technological installation should contain the following components:
    • P&ID technological and measurement diagram
    • Detailed list of measuring points
    • Description of control and control algorithms
    • Circuit diagrams of measuring, signalling and control systems
    • Scheme of cabinet construction, prefabrication.
    • Power supply diagram for electrical equipment
    • Cable list
    • Quantitative list and characteristics of materials:
      • PLC modules, distributed I/O
      • cables
      • cable trays and mounting elements
      • control cabinets
      • protection and electrical equipment
      • compressed air system components
    • I&C location plan

Scope of implementation:

  • Inventory of existing dedusting installations, extraction sites, encapsulation of buildings along with the execution of:
    • measurements of the operating parameters of existing dedusting installations,
    • measurements of the diameters of existing installations.
  • Development of the design concept of all installations along with its presentation for analysis, discussion and acceptance.
  • Preparation of executive design documentation according to the approved concept for all industries, including but not limited to:
  • technology industry,
  • construction industry,
  • installation industry.
  • Device specifications.
  • Technical conditions for the execution and acceptance of Construction Works.
  • Bills of quantities of works and investor cost estimates.

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