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CEMEX – modernization of cement grinding plant control

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K&W Expert dla CEMEX - modernizacja sterowania przemiałownią cementu i wizualizacja SCADA

Cemex is one of the world leaders in the production and sale of cement, aggregates and concrete products. In Poland, the company has several production plants and a network of concrete batching plants.

Offered solution:


  • Design and construction of a new main control switchgear with PLC “R” series manufactured by Mitsubishi
  • Design and construction of a new drive and control switchgear for the raw material loading node.
  • Design and execution of cable installations for new switchgear
  • Replacement of controllers in six local control switchgears – Mitsubishi Fx5 series controllers installed
  • Implementation of new software for PLCs (main controller and 6 local controllers)
  • Delivery of a new redundant operator station
  • Execution of a new SCADA application

The “heart” of the new control system is the modular PLC of the “R” series manufactured by Mitsubishi, built into the main control switchboard. The “R” controller is equipped, among others, with the cc link IE Field master communication module. All object controllers have been included in the redundant cc link IE Field network made in the “ring” topology. In addition, protocols are used:

Ethernet – communication between the controller “R” and the operator station (SCADA)
Profibus DP – communication with local weighing
devicesModbus TCP/IP – communication with local weighing
devicesCC link (serial version) – local I/O islands

The described infrastructure together with the new software allows one operator to control all technological nodes of the milling plant from the operator station:

  • Loading and dosing of raw materials
  • 2 grinding lines
  • Additive dosage
  • Refrigerated
  • Product transport and storage

The operator station was made as a redundant SCADA server with redundant power supply, equipped with 3 monitors. The SCADA application was made in the MAPS environment provided by Mitsubishi. In addition to the graphical representation of the technological system and the current presentation of the state of its individual elements, it also implements such functionalities as:

Archiving of measurement data, events and alarmsQual
reporting on the production and consumption of componentsAutomatic
reservation of SCADA
servers SMS alarm

Main components:

Main controlleriQ-R prod. Mitsubishi
Local DriversFx5 prod. Mitsubishi x6
ScadaMAPS Mitsubishi

In total, the control software (controllers + Scada) supports about 5000 process variables.

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