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Cell dispensers

Cell dispensers

In this section we have included cell valves produced by our company. They are most often used in industrial dedusting installations, as elements dropping dust into waste containers and, at the same time, an encapsulating element of the housing.

Thanks to the wide range of plastics used on the rotor blades, the dispenser can work with various types of materials.

Principle of operation

First, the material is transferred, which gets through the inlet hole between the rotor blades and after their rotation falls out of the outlet hole.

Then, the cells emptied in this way as a result of the continuous rotation of the rotor approach the inlet opening and take another portion of material.

This cycle is carried out continuously until the drive is switched off.

Finally, after stopping the rotor, the cell valve acts as a valve that cuts off the flow of dust and air.


  • For continuous dosing of all bulk and fine-grained materials in all industries.
  • Thanks to its tight design, it also plays the role of a lock cutting off the working areas between which there is a pressure difference.
  • Properly selected materials of individual components of the dispenser allow you to work with chemically aggressive materials or with temperature up to 200oC.

Sealing materials

  • NBR
  • EPDM
  • PTFE
  • PP


As construction requirements vary depending on the application, we use carbon steel or stainless steel for the housing.

Carbon steel dispensers are finished with powder coating or galvanizing.

Drive assembly

The power unit consists of:

  • electric motor (230V / 400V) or pneumatic,
  • pre-reducer
  • worm gear.

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